The Aftermath... Mere's Reaction 

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Come and get it boys!!!!!
I get lots of comments asking about my equipment, here is what I use to make my videos!
Main Camera amzn.to/3cTN8qf
Secondary Camera amzn.to/30qx5vb
Drones amzn.to/2Sf0oMF amzn.to/3kWYXyG


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26 jan 2021






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WhistlinDiesel Pirms Mēneša
FOUR THOUSAND and you give me your raptor 😤
Spencer Armistead
Spencer Armistead Pirms Mēneša
Dillon Gugler
Dillon Gugler Pirms Mēneša
Without the bullet hole!!!
Adam Anderson
Adam Anderson Pirms Mēneša
You make enough go buy your own
Mommyminikitsune Pirms Mēneša
Mommyminikitsune Pirms Mēneša
@Tristan A NO
Yan Lungu
Yan Lungu Pirms 9 Stundām
wow 1500? bro thats weak, matt that is a sweet design! they are some haters! great videos thank you for the smiles
thomas manning
thomas manning Pirms dienas
I agree with Matt, We are weirdos in Florida, I can say that because I was born and raised in Kissimmee, Fl, and lived there up until I went into the Army and then after I got out until early 2000. I only went back for about four months in 2012, otherwise, It's not home anymore.
Tyler Brooks
Tyler Brooks Pirms 2 dienām
A five ton hot rod Lincoln that would be great
Tyler Brooks
Tyler Brooks Pirms 2 dienām
Make Lincoln a hot rod Lincoln for a birthday present a car for him when he's older
Tyler Brooks
Tyler Brooks Pirms 2 dienām
Put the shirt on the care top like the general Lee top
Tyler Brooks
Tyler Brooks Pirms 2 dienām
A divorce is coming be careful
Collin Wall
Collin Wall Pirms 3 dienām
Would the shirt have sold so well without the incentives you think? How many sold total
Collin Wall
Collin Wall Pirms 3 dienām
“You shouldn’t become an artist” 😂
Ozni Monarrez
Ozni Monarrez Pirms 5 dienām
Make the AK on the shirt gold.
A2343 Pirms 5 dienām
Ernest Stevenson
Ernest Stevenson Pirms 7 dienām
Shouldn't that be a yellow rose?
Oussama Manouni
Oussama Manouni Pirms 10 dienām
I am from Algeria and cannot buy it Sorry
bigbear transport
bigbear transport Pirms 10 dienām
i like it i would get one
Michael Goodman
Michael Goodman Pirms 12 dienām
That shirt is awesome
Daillanara lopez
Daillanara lopez Pirms 12 dienām
For 3000 give us with the shirt 100 dollars
Shooter Mckay
Shooter Mckay Pirms 12 dienām
I'll take one...
ShuRugal Oorus
ShuRugal Oorus Pirms 12 dienām
bottom end of that carb looks almost exactly the the Keihins on my Honda motorcycles
McKipper Pirms 14 dienām
im new here, it seems matt gives them(staff) as much opportunity to be them selves but they keep acting like yes men, its super awkward. mere brought things back to earth
Rae Hancock
Rae Hancock Pirms 14 dienām
5000 and Matt gets the shirt design tattoo's on him
r h
r h Pirms 15 dienām
I'd buy it if you'd replace the ak with an ar. An American gun...
Brian Conte
Brian Conte Pirms 16 dienām
My favorite design I've seen from you man. Never bought a shirt so fast. THREE THOUSAND and you shoot the Barrett through Mere's car 🤔😂
Micah Martin
Micah Martin Pirms 16 dienām
Pew Pew Nation shirts
Cody McToasty
Cody McToasty Pirms 16 dienām
I would
Tony Perez
Tony Perez Pirms 17 dienām
Get ur design tattoo on u
vetboy627 Pirms 17 dienām
Today in "Matt gets a liberal arts degree"
jdoginc Pirms 18 dienām
I use hi octane in all small engines. 93 octane burns more cleanly and won't gum-up as easily
Tanner Barry
Tanner Barry Pirms 18 dienām
Oi I was born in florida, chill out
Just Some Person
Just Some Person Pirms 18 dienām
LOL I want to see a shirt of the abstract tire tracks from the El Chromino burnout parking lot.
Grumpy ol' Boot
Grumpy ol' Boot Pirms 19 dienām
Too bad we can't see how many he has sold, it would be neat if there was a counter or something.
Joe Dirt
Joe Dirt Pirms 19 dienām
I’d buy one if I wasn’t Brooke as hell lol
Joshua Hicks
Joshua Hicks Pirms 19 dienām
I would wear the heck out of that shirt.
Jannis Joplin
Jannis Joplin Pirms 19 dienām
I like how they pretend mere cares what the bacon maker does lol
Aaron Coontz
Aaron Coontz Pirms 20 dienām
Just tried to order the shirt but you guys don't ship to Canada why not?
Kyle Witter
Kyle Witter Pirms 20 dienām
I’d buy that
Kelvin Johnson
Kelvin Johnson Pirms 20 dienām
The parking lot looks like the Primer timeline. It looks good!
Arief Rajagum
Arief Rajagum Pirms 20 dienām
Hey man let me tell you some'... that demolition ak-47 wrapped up with snake and roses and there is thunderbolt in it is LAVA!!! LEGIT! AWESOME! NO DOUBT!
Zane Shoecraft
Zane Shoecraft Pirms 20 dienām
Man that's crazy my birthday is on the 20th
gimpy limp limp
gimpy limp limp Pirms 20 dienām
Surprised you haven't done "the triple G's" club or shirt...The Gold Gun Gang or Gangsta(s). Think about the look of the golden guns on a shirt....so shiny, so so shiny.
Celtacia Clemment
Celtacia Clemment Pirms 22 dienām
Got mine. I wanna know what number I am. Also I think getting Mere to fire the Barrett would be fun.
Nathan Guevara
Nathan Guevara Pirms 22 dienām
I want one of the shirts I think it looks awesome
Russell Mckeithan
Russell Mckeithan Pirms 23 dienām
We reached 3,000 shirts sold demo bunker branding
Jim Compston
Jim Compston Pirms 23 dienām
3000 put my name on Chromino
Honesty Faith
Honesty Faith Pirms 24 dienām
I love the T-shirt
Laly Pirms 24 dienām
What software program do you use to edit your videos?
KrystaLynn Melby
KrystaLynn Melby Pirms 25 dienām
I would buy one or more. And if you had an El Chromino one I would buy at least a few of them.
Jere Reini
Jere Reini Pirms 25 dienām
i would buy it but it costs 70 bucks includeing shipping
Josh Logue
Josh Logue Pirms 25 dienām
All Matt's crew treat him like he's dumb and crazy when in reality he's the one that made them rich
jdoginc Pirms 18 dienām
I'm sure it's all in jest.
Adam E. Parker-Cortes
Adam E. Parker-Cortes Pirms 25 dienām
If you get 3k t-shirts sold you should a blower on the el chromino
Benedikt Maier
Benedikt Maier Pirms 25 dienām
Can you make "Demolitia (InsertYourCountry)" shirts? With the flag of the country? Or an "shirt Customizer" - so we can spread the Demolitia Worldwide?
Josh Spry
Josh Spry Pirms 4 dienām
Thats a really good idea they would sale out for sure
Tara Bland
Tara Bland Pirms 6 dienām
I 100% agree with you. I'm from Australia and a Demolitia shirt with your country would be awesome to have. Like Demolitia America Chapter or for myself would be Australia Chapter or something. #offtheranch
A is for Annihilation
A is for Annihilation Pirms 25 dienām
Actually Matt, I smell amazing. So there. 😛🤓
Ric Minton
Ric Minton Pirms 25 dienām
Getting a shirt ordered for over in the UK. Nice design matt looks good.
walked rabbit117
walked rabbit117 Pirms 26 dienām
A m16 would maybe look better on that shirt
Stacey Pennington
Stacey Pennington Pirms 26 dienām
Totally not a fan of the snake
Lowell Oliver
Lowell Oliver Pirms 26 dienām
Sell 4K shirts and you have to get that tattooed on you.
Bill Meyer
Bill Meyer Pirms 26 dienām
Sorry Matt... Why?
Randy Porterfield
Randy Porterfield Pirms 26 dienām
That shirt has a real Ed Hardy vibe.. lol
Moises Garcia Almeda
Moises Garcia Almeda Pirms 26 dienām
Take a picture of the burnouts and put it in a t-shirt
Katie Ourso
Katie Ourso Pirms 26 dienām
If you get 3000 sales on this shirt you should get it tattooed on your body!!
FlyingFarmer22 Pirms 27 dienām
Get it to 1k but not 2k I’m a Chevy guy but I do like raptors
Karen Knapp
Karen Knapp Pirms 27 dienām
Bought one! I love the shirt and please don’t shoot the Raptor! Mere won’t be happy!
Alex Engelbrecht
Alex Engelbrecht Pirms 27 dienām
Don't let their negative opinion bring you down 😂😂😂 I happen to love your rough draft a little rough may look like link drew it but hey everyone has to start somewhere
EMarshall Pirms 27 dienām
Make them they will sell out.
HellCat0928 Pirms 27 dienām
Do you have a enc, like a compact 9?
Teeg Bilka
Teeg Bilka Pirms 27 dienām
i want to know to
DJROCKS Pirms 27 dienām
3000 and you should do diamond camo from call of duty instead of gold
Joshua Beck
Joshua Beck Pirms 27 dienām
10,000 and you give me a 50BMG and I'll destroy my brothers car with it and film it. Like this to make it happen, and buy shirts . 😆
Jacob Marsh
Jacob Marsh Pirms 27 dienām
I believe in you those shirts are fire
BeachBow Pirms 28 dienām
I've never seen someone throw their "friends" under the bus so fast! LOL!!
Ronaldopopkings Pirms 28 dienām
3000 = Send the Raptor to WhistlinDiesel :D
Christopholus Pirms 28 dienām
I actually really like this design
Jake Industries
Jake Industries Pirms 28 dienām
FOUR THOUSAND, and you silver plate a tommy gun.
Dat Tepo
Dat Tepo Pirms 28 dienām
Bruh your team if lame they all need to get fired ..
john martin
john martin Pirms 28 dienām
Full body roll cage on el chromeno
Dylan Hovanec
Dylan Hovanec Pirms 29 dienām
put it on the back of a hoodie with demolitia on the front
Kevin Curry
Kevin Curry Pirms 29 dienām
Got my T-shirt and chunk of El Chromino tire in the mail! WOOT!!
Amanda Grimes
Amanda Grimes Pirms 29 dienām
You NEED to make an El Chromino shirt!!!
Felix Kuhnert
Felix Kuhnert Pirms 29 dienām
Matt, please watch out for your camera work. This video literally made me sea sick and I barely even was able to look at the shirt design. There were times with much less shaking.
MaTT B Pirms 29 dienām
😂 love mere reaction haha love both channels you guys aee awesome
Steven Brown
Steven Brown Pirms 29 dienām
Id rock that shirt
Bo Andresen
Bo Andresen Pirms 29 dienām
Hey not “Demolitia forever” on the shirt?.......
Tony Mooney
Tony Mooney Pirms Mēneša
No matt no
Spencer Armistead
Spencer Armistead Pirms Mēneša
If we hit 3,000 shirts, we have to leave the hole in the bed of your truck. Dont fix it
ETBOOST 1988 Pirms Mēneša
Make AK gold on the t-shirt...
Tyler Cole
Tyler Cole Pirms Mēneša
Swap the engines between the AMC rebel and El chromino. Still mid engine too
Donald Neeley
Donald Neeley Pirms Mēneša
You should make a decal of the tattoo shirt. I'd definitely buy one.
Allison B
Allison B Pirms Mēneša
if you hit 3,000 get a custom made gold .50 cal bullet and shell casing
Heath Dean
Heath Dean Pirms Mēneša
"This is neat." This is what someone who works for you says when they're trying to not get fired LOL
William Brewer
William Brewer Pirms Mēneša
You should make pieces of the tire into a bracelet or necklace or incorporate them into a bracelet or necklace somehow for people to wear
Official Scissorhands
Official Scissorhands Pirms Mēneša
Fun fact: mere had a entanglement with Steven
TheCarribeanCowboy _
TheCarribeanCowboy _ Pirms 27 dienām
Why would you comment that
J D Pirms Mēneša
Marine stabilizer in gas Will save you a lot of headaches put it in everything I own helps with moisture also
Eduardo Cueto
Eduardo Cueto Pirms Mēneša
10k sells and u give away the gold plated .50 cal
Aidan Sibley
Aidan Sibley Pirms Mēneša
Mere seems to share my carbonated water addiction.
Troy Miller
Troy Miller Pirms Mēneša
It's broken in now that's all...
d dundee
d dundee Pirms Mēneša
3000 sales and u replace all mere clothes well ovbiously keep the real ones but replace it all with cargo shorts n all the Manliest tshirts from the bunker u got of and caps can for get caps and vans
cody ritchie
cody ritchie Pirms Mēneša
Why does you wife always look so miserable lol no offence but she kinda has the life people would kill for lol and she always looks not impressed or happy. Shit I'd be happy all day long working there and being able to chill with you and have fun all day! I mean yeah there is work but when isent there gunna be? Love you video man!
A is for Annihilation
A is for Annihilation Pirms 25 dienām
@cody ritchie no marriage is all sunshine & rainbows bud but it's pretty obvious over the yrs if u watch their family vids that it's 1 calm & 1 wild personality yet they still make it work. It's not like I assumed anything overly personal. She's actually pretty tolerant. I'm sure he wouldn't appreciate u calling his wife an unappreciative bitch. She works hard too between kids & business, including her clothing line & she goes along with the whole don't tell mere shtick cuz it's funny.
cody ritchie
cody ritchie Pirms 25 dienām
@A is for Annihilation are they your personal friends? Are you there when the camera is off? You say an awful lot like you know them personally. Making there life seem like sunshine and rainbows 🤣 I'm sure it a while diff story when the camera is off
A is for Annihilation
A is for Annihilation Pirms 25 dienām
I'm pretty sure she appreciates him quite a bit. They aren't just husband & wife, they r buds & she jokes around too. She goes along with the don't tell Mere thing cuz it's funny. She's not overly fond of being on camera but she does it for him. He's a big personality & she's the reasonable 1. Doesn't mean she's miserable. She's just not the over the top person he is. She's his rock & he's hers. It's ok to b chill.
Ꮙꅏꅏ ᏉꅏꅏᏉ
Ꮙꅏꅏ ᏉꅏꅏᏉ Pirms 27 dienām
Ywah non unappreciative b
If you get it better looking I’ll get it tattooed if you shout me out 😂😂
Wiley Branch Farms
Wiley Branch Farms Pirms Mēneša
4 thousand you give it to whistlen diesel but after you ran it over with the 5 ton
Dairy Man
Dairy Man Pirms Mēneša
Definitely not purchasing this T-shirt Sponsor sponsor him and his car Come on Matt You’re better than that
Colin Donoghue
Colin Donoghue Pirms Mēneša
for 3 thousand you should make a car vinyl sticker or wrap of your new t-shirt design and put it on the el cromino.
Moises Duran
Moises Duran Pirms Mēneša
bro that shirt is actually dope af i would buy it for sure
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