Someone Broke Into Bunker Branding... 

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22 dec 2020






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OffTheRanch Pirms 2 Mēnešiem
Ginger Baker
Ginger Baker Pirms Mēneša
@OffTheRanch Hey Matthewlomeotus, you made me laugh and genuinly smile so much throughout the whole video that when it then came to the windows again i completely forgot about it and it made me even more upset. :/ ALL THE BEST TO YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES 🙏❤
Jordy McMaster
Jordy McMaster Pirms Mēneša
I propose a blame-storming session. I blame Kentucky Ballistics and/or his followers
Anthony Thompson
Anthony Thompson Pirms 2 Mēnešiem
how ? i want you to buy a new one and bend it and try and break it it was probably a plastic one im just saying ive done electrical for ten years and ive never seen one break
jacob foulds
jacob foulds Pirms 2 Mēnešiem
Put the 3000 pound winch in the bed of the Dodge so you can pull stuff up into the bed if you ever put a set of ramps on the back
geebsterman 2
geebsterman 2 Pirms 2 Mēnešiem
Mostly peaceful rocks
Billy Bob
Billy Bob Pirms 2 dienām
tire iron
dale tindall
dale tindall Pirms 2 dienām
Best advert ever
michael Fay
michael Fay Pirms 3 dienām
It is Texas might be a piece of LEAD falling from somebody's fun or because your next to the highway might be at Rock coming off a truck
Rebekah Spears
Rebekah Spears Pirms 3 dienām
I’d hate to think someone deliberately tried to break into your building, but what if the window was broken by a hammer, not a rock.
Nathan DeKok
Nathan DeKok Pirms 6 dienām
Yeah bad idea- Telling the WORLD you don’t have security. Also I’d bet a hundred that was done on purpose
Charles Miller
Charles Miller Pirms 6 dienām
Matt: "Damnit I had a break in at the ranch" Me: "Well you got sponsors right why not have them help replace stuff? Wait who is the sponsor again?" Matt: "Umm...... I don't know, maybe mind your business"
Yan Lungu
Yan Lungu Pirms 6 dienām
Great mood, handled that like a boss Matt
Jeffrey Callahan
Jeffrey Callahan Pirms 7 dienām
you got the right one babba yeaa
Bwx Bwx
Bwx Bwx Pirms 8 dienām
why would you say on ur LVpac channel that your buisness doesn't have a security system ?
Kohlenstoffisotop12 Pirms 9 dienām
Sooooo what did the footage show? D:
Kohlenstoffisotop12 Pirms 9 dienām
Jack P
Jack P Pirms 10 dienām
0:00 is why you came, 14:17 is why you stayed.
Lambroke DRC
Lambroke DRC Pirms 13 dienām
Talon Pirms 13 dienām
must've been a big ass bird
Sarim Hasan
Sarim Hasan Pirms 13 dienām
why was the glass outside it should be inside if the window was broken from the outside
Billy Elrod
Billy Elrod Pirms 14 dienām
I thought it was convenient that the vests on the rack right in front of the hole was bare.
Noah Christakis
Noah Christakis Pirms 14 dienām
Sometime you should do a tour of your house and property
NNN M Pirms 15 dienām
william spindler
william spindler Pirms 15 dienām
Maybe build a light cherry picker with that 3,000 lb wench, you pull enough engines to need one.
Jeroen Rhee
Jeroen Rhee Pirms 15 dienām
Is there a link from the speaker and PA system? I would like to buy it too🙃👍🏼
BIG14 Bish
BIG14 Bish Pirms 15 dienām
I swear Matt goes out to dinner more then any other person ever
Scratch 689
Scratch 689 Pirms 15 dienām
That truck looks awesome! Some day I want to get one of those old square body trucks.
upchurch and calhoun
upchurch and calhoun Pirms 15 dienām
Can you please sell costom guns or guns in general i just wanna know who im buyin from
Patrick Conway
Patrick Conway Pirms 16 dienām
everyone is gangster during a breakin until they hear someone say "CAN A 50 CAL...."
andy rocha
andy rocha Pirms 17 dienām
You can make a vet Ranch and Demolition Ranch if it was a bird because you could see what bullets a bird would stop and then you have to fix the on vet Ranch
Zacatack Pirms 19 dienām
Only noobs break into Bunker Branding.
Jannis Joplin
Jannis Joplin Pirms 19 dienām
Ok.. soooo.. the cameras revealed????
Jannis Joplin
Jannis Joplin Pirms 19 dienām
22 plinkster did it lol
Martin Halvax
Martin Halvax Pirms 21 dienas
I'd take off all those shirts from that rail and not sell them for a few weeks. Maybe someone would come in wearing one. But then again, they might be shirts that were out weeks/months prior.
Корвин Кори
Корвин Кори Pirms 22 dienām
Возможно это был камень из под колес. Пролетел по касательной.
Allan Yetman
Allan Yetman Pirms 23 dienām
you can put the 3000 lbs winch in the box/bed of the ram 250 =Ram 2500 to help load/ unload stuff
Janice Seaver
Janice Seaver Pirms 23 dienām
Did you play with Tonka Trucks and GI Joe’s?
captainkirk79269 Pirms 23 dienām
Maby chek the battery that could be the problem
The Independent Millennial
Glad *YOU* and the kids are okay.. including Mere... even though she complains about how many guns you own 🙃
Alex Pirms 25 dienām
We wont tell Mare that you didn't install a security system... In exchange for merch
Jason Arencibia
Jason Arencibia Pirms 26 dienām
When I was a kid, I wanted to take my slingshot and shoot it at store windows wile riding by in a car.... just saying, it looks like a nice impact, enough to break a window, not enough to go through, and maybe bounce back across the parking lot.... thinking like a kid here! did they ever figure it out??
Jamie Wiltzen
Jamie Wiltzen Pirms 27 dienām
are we just ignoring that massive brick directly outside the window haha
christian clark
christian clark Pirms 29 dienām
I want to know how to get a Christmas card
Dream animations
Dream animations Pirms Mēneša
Vid idea 50cal cal vs rober
Dream animations
Dream animations Pirms Mēneša
It’s ironic that simlysafe is sponsoring a video of someone breaking in to bunker branding
wayd19 Pirms Mēneša
I’d bet someone shot at it from the highway.
wurzel06 Pirms Mēneša
The window was hit with a hammer and im guessing thay took a few shirts as well
Triggersnob Pirms Mēneša
You are pretty close to the interstate, maybe someone's lugnut took flight and smoked the window?
EludeAdaptSurvive Reid
EludeAdaptSurvive Reid Pirms Mēneša
The emo fire dept, for some reason I don't think they would be able to put out the fire or save anyone without crying 😢 😭 😐 😅
SaintsOf Knoecks
SaintsOf Knoecks Pirms Mēneša
4:42 😂😂 for real, cool your jets guys
Jeffrey Smith
Jeffrey Smith Pirms Mēneša
I feel like breaking into anything matt owns is a huge risk... Castle doctrine and stand your ground law.... 50bmg....
Jacob Haycox
Jacob Haycox Pirms Mēneša
Put the winch on the zero turn
William Lovett
William Lovett Pirms Mēneša
Put the small winch on the El Chromino
Nick Mcminn
Nick Mcminn Pirms Mēneša
Should have put the siren in the grille.....gonna knock it off fender in no time.
Roy Henson
Roy Henson Pirms Mēneša
It is supposed to be a Demolition Ranch Bunker.. That thing should be like Fort Knox....
Raldo Maria
Raldo Maria Pirms Mēneša
The AK guy did it! You know those AK guys! 🤬
Ella Amiscua
Ella Amiscua Pirms Mēneša
Just shoot it
Evan Johnson
Evan Johnson Pirms Mēneša
i lol'd at the thrown wrench haha
jered slaymaker
jered slaymaker Pirms Mēneša
Put the 3000lb winch on the chromino
James Meehan
James Meehan Pirms Mēneša
If it was a bird he had one hard head
T Cutz
T Cutz Pirms Mēneša
The cause of the breakage in the glass could of been caused by nickel sulfide inclusion which is a tiny piece of nickel in the glass that can cause it to break for no reason.
Cregg Calhoun
Cregg Calhoun Pirms Mēneša
Then they’re is a huge brick 🧱 next to the window on the ground
Cregg Calhoun
Cregg Calhoun Pirms Mēneša
That only accounts for one pane of glass not the second pane of glass
Angry Mob
Angry Mob Pirms Mēneša
Auto turrets! You can rig up a motion detection device to a Ma deuce.
T-MAN M Pirms Mēneša
Zandro Rohlandt
Zandro Rohlandt Pirms Mēneša
them government drones known as "pigeons" kamikaze'd in your window man, I saw one malfunctioning today when it's head started doing 360's
Nathan Smith
Nathan Smith Pirms Mēneša
@offtheranch any tips on how I can help my wife promote her LVpac and get her more subscribers and views?
Daybreak Dudes
Daybreak Dudes Pirms Mēneša
Did bunker branding use SimpliSafe.
Banana doppio
Banana doppio Pirms Mēneša
You are the only vlog channel that I don’t watch to fall asleep
damnfunnychicken Pirms Mēneša
hope they didnt try to "motivate" ya buying your sponsors stuff with hired goons...
horse1066 Pirms Mēneša
Mitchell Ullom
Mitchell Ullom Pirms Mēneša
the broken glass is all on the outside implying it was broken from the inside.
Joshua Ciardelli
Joshua Ciardelli Pirms Mēneša
Not in this case, the double pane window is why, when the first pane broke the second pane kept all the glass from going inside.
GiveMeMuhFreeSpeech YoutubeHitlers
Simply safe is a terrible home security. Very easy to bypass. There have been made videos on it.
Geoffrey Helfrick
Geoffrey Helfrick Pirms Mēneša
El chromino for the small winch?
Mrmoocows99 Pirms Mēneša
Haha, Emo Fire Department.
Doc shymansky
Doc shymansky Pirms Mēneša
You might want to put the speaker for the siren in the engine bay somewhere. Speaking from experience, it WILL get ripped off on the outside.
Austin Pirms Mēneša
My uncle has the same dodge but it’s not a fire truck lol....it’s his daily
- Caveira -
- Caveira - Pirms Mēneša
Well the merch is that good! Its worth breaking into the bunker and stealing some merch.
No Shoes Or zack
No Shoes Or zack Pirms Mēneša
It was a liberal
Noah Welch
Noah Welch Pirms Mēneša
🤣🤣🤣😂🤣 kid funny that is 🤦🏻‍♂️ 🔌🖼
Richard Wolfe
Richard Wolfe Pirms Mēneša
darius antonio fischer fodor
did he realy not see the huge brick near the window next to the wall
CosworthsMerryMen Pirms Mēneša
It looks like it was broken from the inside. Maybe the dual pane glass breaks in a weird way but most of the glass is on the outside.
Angela Hayward
Angela Hayward Pirms Mēneša
LOL, people are complaining to a youtuber, about a rusty truck!!!! LOL
Garrett Birch
Garrett Birch Pirms Mēneša
Can we get a update?
Nettie Pirms Mēneša
O no dey dint. Prolly neit
TortillaJoe Bazan
TortillaJoe Bazan Pirms Mēneša
1:29 watch it at ½ speed
Black_cat Pirms Mēneša
Appreciate that loud sound warning xD
Alachon Pirms Mēneša
Hmm we all thought 2020 was the worst year in history 2021 have started out grate
DOROTHY. Pirms Mēneša
Angel Sacristia
Angel Sacristia Pirms Mēneša
Someone tried a .22 cal 🤣🤣
Bentley Design
Bentley Design Pirms Mēneša
Plot twist: Simply Safe broke the window because you took too long to get it installed then sponsored it to cover the damages
Garrett Head
Garrett Head Pirms Mēneša
For a second demo looked exactly like dozer
Aj Pasquariello
Aj Pasquariello Pirms Mēneša
The set of balls on the person who breaks into something Matt owns...
death bringer 887
death bringer 887 Pirms Mēneša
Peaceful protesters XD
Alonza Hanks
Alonza Hanks Pirms Mēneša
my brother is scum He worked for one of the security outfits he cuts the phone lines kills the power climbs up on roof and turns satalite dish thing upside down. Pow 0 security its that easy to beat So Get a Pair of 160 pound german shepperds and have a good freind house sit when your gone. the dogs are the alarm and wont waste any time lighting them up your freind hears the dogs and backs them up dead bad guys and free dog food for a month
Ryan Connell 5150
Ryan Connell 5150 Pirms Mēneša
Bruh... the first thing that should have been done after all doors and walls were in place was a security system install. Before ANY business was conducted there.
Jonathon Mason
Jonathon Mason Pirms Mēneša
TheMiniWumbo Pirms Mēneša
You must be an idiot to break into any of Matt's buildings ....
James Percer
James Percer Pirms Mēneša
Joseph & Heather Cox
Joseph & Heather Cox Pirms Mēneša
20$ says that siren gets ripped off by a tree 😂😂
Ryan Connell 5150
Ryan Connell 5150 Pirms Mēneša
He sold it to the guy that owned it before the guy Matt bought it from.
Logan Paul LaChance
Logan Paul LaChance Pirms Mēneša
Next on DemoCopyCat, How many of Matt's windows does it take to stop a cinder block?
He's literally living my dream😭
MyKonaRC Pirms Mēneša
More like "Someone threw a rock and broke a window at Bunker Branding"
Blane Graf
Blane Graf Pirms Mēneša
it was Kentucky ballistics who broke in
ZmannR2 Pirms Mēneša
Matt, there’s literally a giant brick on the outside sidewalk by the window!
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