Covid-19 Forced us to Shut Down our Business... 

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Thanks so much for all the love and support guys!!! Grab a shirt/hoodie/patch and join the Demolitia today!!! www.bunkerbranding.com/pages/demolition-ranch
I get lots of comments asking about my equipment, here is what I use to make my videos!
Main Camera amzn.to/3cTN8qf
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5 jan 2021






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Scott Mindler
Scott Mindler Pirms 10 Stundām
Damn Rona
Deep Web Cowboy
Deep Web Cowboy Pirms 2 dienām
*worries about covid* also signs a random kids shirt when niether are wearing maskings... Not that I care about masks but it seems a little backwards
Ronnie Yarbrough
Ronnie Yarbrough Pirms 5 dienām
Looking for a huey pilot Tom Trumbly. If any of you guys run across him let him know Cale Yarbrough is looking for him.
Brynden Hansen
Brynden Hansen Pirms 14 dienām
Shut you down because you don't believe in the constitution. Mandates aren't laws. Don't forget to kiss their ring while you're on your knees.
P Kell
P Kell Pirms 16 dienām
So you have employees that have the Flu ! 😆
VQ Visionaries
VQ Visionaries Pirms 16 dienām
That Chicago flag in the background?!?! Hell yeah!
DevinBear Pirms 18 dienām
mask def not helping
Jannis Joplin
Jannis Joplin Pirms 19 dienām
It's sad, man. Liberalism is destroying this country for real.
Skylar Alexander
Skylar Alexander Pirms 20 dienām
Stay open.. never seen a lock stop a 50 cal
meithkiller Pirms 20 dienām
Need automation.
Alexander Corpuz
Alexander Corpuz Pirms 21 dienas
Notice when he was talking about the new pain of glass he called it straight and got weirded out I think he didn’t want to offend The gay community
Just Passing Through
Just Passing Through Pirms 21 dienas
Covid is the flu. Look who's behind all the b.s. Look how quickly they shut the world down. Look at this great reset they're pushing. How do we respond?? With nurses dancing in tiktoks and people wearing 2 and 3 masks. 😖🤦‍♂️
jeremy shearer
jeremy shearer Pirms 21 dienas
We’re they not wearing mask??
Matthew Wunder
Matthew Wunder Pirms 21 dienas
Never thought of you falling into all the BS and acting like it's the end of the world. Only way to get back to normal is be normal
Hialeah1925 Pirms 22 dienām
Can anyone tell me what you call that monitor elevator thingy at 8:32? 😀
ChucktownBuilder Pirms 24 dienām
We’re gonna need to commandeer the bunker to spearhead our fight against the CCP and deep state liberals. They’re just manipulating you by changing the cycle thresholds of c19 tests! Dead rna fragments from any corona virus will return positive results. Even unopened swabs are found positive. Take off the face diaper.
tyler rigby
tyler rigby Pirms 24 dienām
Meres but in them grey yoga pants looks perfect
Pink Elephants
Pink Elephants Pirms 24 dienām
Hardly surprising that your business was impacted by COVID-19 infections - none of you practice basic COVID-19 safety measures - at least on any sustained basis. Would not be surprised [in the least] if you've not even bothered to rearrange the warehouse layout so that staff can operate in a socially distanced manner or insist on strict observance of face mask wearing and hand sanitiser usage; all things any good, caring, God fearing employer would do. Health before wealth.
Alex Barrott
Alex Barrott Pirms 22 dienām
Not everyone cares
king ming
king ming Pirms 24 dienām
Covid didn't shut it down cowards shut it down
Quasi-Quirky Creations
Quasi-Quirky Creations Pirms 25 dienām
probably shouldnt have posted that OSHA violation on the internet...
Ginger VikingJesus
Ginger VikingJesus Pirms 26 dienām
This COVID nonsense pisses me off.. Has anyone here within the community or you Matt, ever heard of something called Operation: Dark Winter??🤔 Info about it exists here on YT, it's some pretty scary stuff..
IGet Bored
IGet Bored Pirms 27 dienām
i would like to work there. bet Matt's a cool boss
Marvin De Bot
Marvin De Bot Pirms 28 dienām
Mate you are the very embodiment of the American dream; look how far you have come in 10 years or so. You two deserve every last bit of your success, you've earned it. Oh, and buy the staff one of those stock picking scissor lifts will ya? :P
DIYlawndomination Pirms 28 dienām
Living the dream brother,don't let that $$$$ turn you into something your not.....
nick4819 Pirms 28 dienām
She must workout...
Lee Martin
Lee Martin Pirms 28 dienām
I could be wrong you might have such a young bimbo following that you’re like the new Beatles I hope that’s true because that’s probably the only angle that you got if you don’t move forward you stall then you fall behind......I’ll be honest with you man right now you need to decide! Am I going into business! Or am I going out of business. Because if you’re going into business you need to invest more in your support team and if you think you’re going out of business, you need to call a personal investor
Lee Martin
Lee Martin Pirms 28 dienām
Oh wait we don’t have to edit we will just mute the dialogue and run it because well you know we’re trying to save a couple of dollars and we really aren’t really that dedicated anymore because we’re off spending those millions making stupid shit like a duly charger do you know buying old beat up resorts at the top of mountains and shit you know it’s a real rough life
Marvin De Bot
Marvin De Bot Pirms 28 dienām
Jealous much? They work for it, they deserve it.
Lee Martin
Lee Martin Pirms 28 dienām
Are used to drink a lot Matt,Dr. told me. I think that’s why you’re at half staff. You know just a little FYI
Lee Martin
Lee Martin Pirms 28 dienām
So don’t let them drink so much!
singleshotrock Pirms 29 dienām
who else is watching while they have covid
Brian MAX
Brian MAX Pirms 29 dienām
You guys need to defy this shutdown ! This covid 19 is complete bullshit! The test is bullshit too. Whatever happened to the flu? Guess what ? IT IS THE FLU! THIS IS THE GREATEST CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY ? Do your research !
Brandon Jerry
Brandon Jerry Pirms 29 dienām
I want some shirts but I wear a xl tall. 6’6” 240
Julie Hoffman
Julie Hoffman Pirms Mēneša
Every Day Blades
Every Day Blades Pirms Mēneša
Have you ever noticed how much you say a ton. LOL keep it up you’re doing a great job!!!
Tommy B
Tommy B Pirms Mēneša
Well your better then my ex boss when I came in contact with someone who had COVID he said he didn’t “believe” in COVID and only gave me a week of quarantine
Maxukin Rhino
Maxukin Rhino Pirms Mēneša
Hey do you ship to Singapore? I love your channel and content. It actually keeps me moving and positive. 🤘🏻🙂
reb363 Pirms Mēneša
I was talking to a doctor the other day and asked him when all of this Covid-19 stuff was going to be over? He said that he didn't know, he wasn't a politician. OMG, just thought of a way Demolition Ranch can put an end to all of the Covid-19 stuff and get the Country back on track with just one video "How many politicians does it take to stop a 50 BMG" :)
Eert Remlic
Eert Remlic Pirms Mēneša
Greg Smith
Greg Smith Pirms Mēneša
COVID has hurt a lot of small businesses sadly
Papa Greg
Papa Greg Pirms Mēneša
You mean the flu, brother!😂🤣😂
Keaton Davis
Keaton Davis Pirms Mēneša
People have sued themselves.
cj dunlap
cj dunlap Pirms Mēneša
over something that isnt even real? i had the sniffles for two days and they said it was the rona.... bullshit. ive taken more painful shits then the carona.
Vittorio Storiani
Vittorio Storiani Pirms Mēneša
hold on !!! you are very great !! covid-19 will not be able to stop you! Greetings from Italy
BenBuzzinGrowse Pirms Mēneša
A bird broke that window. I see it all the time 👍
Naught N. A. Lian
Naught N. A. Lian Pirms Mēneša
0:41 "Matt, did you shoot a BB gun at the window..?"
Suicidal Piggy
Suicidal Piggy Pirms Mēneša
I love the fact that he owns the business, but the people who run it make him do stuff😂
Jake P
Jake P Pirms Mēneša
you can afford the lawsuit. take them all the way to the supreme court, you will gain EVERYONES freedom back
Dr-Mx Pirms Mēneša
C̶o̶v̶i̶d̶-̶1̶9̶ The Government Forced us to Shut Down our Business*
xafaR Ali
xafaR Ali Pirms Mēneša
I thought "Brazzers" had hot co-workers lol
Bill Hubbard
Bill Hubbard Pirms Mēneša
If you ever need a damn good steel fabricator that can do fitting blueprint reading welding yah De yah and even some engineering give me a shout
Devan Crossley
Devan Crossley Pirms Mēneša
I love your demolition ranch videos. I'd love to come shoot guns with you sometime. I wish you the best with your company. We are facing a difficult time with the new president and administration. Hopefully we get through it and we must protect our constitution and Rights
Doug Schnider
Doug Schnider Pirms Mēneša
To many likes
Tyler Staffetius
Tyler Staffetius Pirms Mēneša
Matt, what is you actual position at Bunker Branding?
wolf Pirms Mēneša
6:30 mere be thiccc
Alexander Pirms Mēneša
The cold and flu have a new name, Covid-19. Don’t forget the false positives
Craig N
Craig N Pirms Mēneša
Admit it Matt, you were wondering if a glass window could stop a .50 Cal BMG...
phiberoptik232 Pirms Mēneša
Hope it all comes together for you.
Sean Audette
Sean Audette Pirms Mēneša
I'm from California. Y'all need to stop Californians from turning Texas into California. I fucking hate these Democrats. I need out of California
rogerrabbit110 Pirms Mēneša
sure everybody healthy in the building...except this sick Bunker Branding T-Shirt this one guy is wearing who obstructs the camera view most of the time
Ozzy Pete
Ozzy Pete Pirms Mēneša
A nearby service station to me had a broken glass window similar to yours. Their nightshift operator said that it just shattered without warning. Hot days, followed by a cool change, followed by hotter days and air conditioning on the inside part of the glass. When you think about it's quite a test for the integrity of the glass....
firepaint33 Pirms Mēneša
Makes me think are these all trumpism guys? I hope him being a veterinarian makes him smarter than that lol
Human Being
Human Being Pirms Mēneša
Actually the smart people are trumpism guys. Brainless embrace biden.
gerardo eleazar estrada garcia
Ya vendrán tiempos mejores bendiciones better times will come greetings from Mexico blessings
RAH Capital
RAH Capital Pirms Mēneša
(;33 just the fact that he didnt build a square building and cut the corner so he could expose the name of the business to the freeway shows somebody is thinking. now if they cut that tree down......
RAH Capital
RAH Capital Pirms Mēneša
6:27 thats a big ole butt on such a small woman
firepaint33 Pirms Mēneša
I now understand his whole game lol
John Doe
John Doe Pirms Mēneša
Dirt and motor oil is testing positive for the 19. Wake up.
Sahara Love Tv
Sahara Love Tv Pirms Mēneša
He is about to get fired from his own business lol 😂
Hugh Carnahan 2 Second Lean: Weaponize your mind!
6:20 Spoons not forks!!!!!
Big Mamma
Big Mamma Pirms Mēneša
Get well soon 😊 🙏 👩‍🦽💨
Code Unbreakable
Code Unbreakable Pirms Mēneša
Thats sad
spldrong Pirms Mēneša
So much for freedom... cant wait to see how many ________ a 50 cal can go through!
Catharine B. Boynton
Catharine B. Boynton Pirms Mēneša
always good to get back on the floor as the boss!
21kiel Pirms Mēneša
You had them just start wearing masks around other people today?! Have you not been paying attention for the last year or do you just not give a fuck? I'm only surprised that an outbreak just happened
Brian Lofton
Brian Lofton Pirms Mēneša
You mispronounced CHY-NAH WUHAN VYRUS.
Emily Spendlove
Emily Spendlove Pirms Mēneša
Signing a child’s shirt with no mask, right after a COVID breakout? Be more responsible!
Red River
Red River Pirms Mēneša
WHAT???? You mean that 99.7% of people aren't having major problems? That's crazy.....it's almost like it was mostly Bovine Scattology?
Sweetpea Pumpkin
Sweetpea Pumpkin Pirms Mēneša
What is you air filtration system like. You need to check it out for your future business.
Jay Smith
Jay Smith Pirms Mēneša
w,c,m,w &fab
w,c,m,w &fab Pirms Mēneša
People that wear the mask today will force the vax tomarow Wearing a mask to get what you want is 100%submission to the new puke order
w,c,m,w &fab
w,c,m,w &fab Pirms Mēneša
Convid, scamdemic, plandemic, definitely not a pandemic.
George Kershner
George Kershner Pirms Mēneša
Should get checked for flu first , if you go with any symptoms the automatically check for covid, and ALOT OG SO CALLED VIRUS 19 Is really flu and they have a positive covid but no symptoms til they pass the flu around. My Doctor said they haven't treated flu this yr hardly at ALL!! TAMIFLU IS NOT BEING PRESCRIBED AT ALL , USUALLY ITS ROCKING OFF THE SHELF. This is real but as they say " DONT LET A GOOD CRISIS GO TO WASTE"
mike rolton
mike rolton Pirms Mēneša
healthy people fell for the Covid Hoax , nobody was sick but we all stopped working , no wonder USA is such a mess , did you ever think to question what they tested you for .
battlethebollocks Rodgers
Be a good boy, and wait for big bro to ok opening your business. So you can feed your family. Super duper awesome freedom. Gosh golly can't wait for more restrictions....cause they're great!
ReticentNova Pirms Mēneša
I bet everyone had masks on when it spread in your company. Now step back and think for a second. Maybe. Just Maybe. Masks don't work.
ReticentNova Pirms Mēneša
I bet every single one of those employees is fine too. Statistics don't matter anymore though.
Sunny Zacatecas Mexico
Sunny Zacatecas Mexico Pirms Mēneša
I need a job & sponsorship perhaps
reidclag Pirms Mēneša
Video from 12/21/20 = Shows large Bunker Branding Christmas party with no Covid-19 precautions Video from 1/5/21 = Bunker Branding forced to shut down due to Covid-19 Hmm.... weird. Didn't see that coming at all...
Theflyingcandleguy Me
Theflyingcandleguy Me Pirms Mēneša
I was in DC for the protest. Lots of brave citizens.
Theflyingcandleguy Me
Theflyingcandleguy Me Pirms Mēneša
It’s called China virus. Don’t be a coward dude.
17njl01 Pirms Mēneša
Nathan Glenn
Nathan Glenn Pirms Mēneša
This was actually the first explanation I'd heard of what you sell. I thought you sold bunker stuff 😂
Hunt For Adventure
Hunt For Adventure Pirms Mēneša
Covids a sham.
David JP
David JP Pirms Mēneša
Your clothing.....awesomeness!!!
Farm Bear
Farm Bear Pirms Mēneša
Now that Biden's in, get ready for a bunch of pointless and scienceless restrictions... Also study Kerry Mullis (Nobel prize winner who created the pcr test) and the PCR test.
CowLevelCrypto Pirms Mēneša
Window was probably broken during the Great Coyote Riot of 2020. :P
Mr11ESSE111 Pirms Mēneša
your business are this channel and other one !!!
Brandon Kehoe
Brandon Kehoe Pirms Mēneša
Safety first man dont be climbing shelves very dangerous
jumpaclif26YT and jumps army
Hadu Ken
Hadu Ken Pirms Mēneša
I thought you got "bald and bankrupt"
Premchik Pirms Mēneša
OMG, I'm so glad that you're OK. This title scared me.
Kay Period
Kay Period Pirms Mēneša
I am so impressed I know everything is just the norm to you but I started watching vet ranch cause I moved away from my daughter and she worked in a emergency vet clinic and it was comforting to see the clinic but my lord man! God bless and just wow I’m speechless good for you
Joshua McGuire
Joshua McGuire Pirms Mēneša
But it didn't, you did...
Dance2Fit With Christy Naugher
Meir (I hope I spelled it right!) I just ordered a complete outfit from your clothing line. I'm in love!! I teach dance fitness and they passed my test!! I wore them during a 2 1/2 class and not even one time did I have to pull at them for sliding! Lol. I know this sounds very personal but when you dance for that long you have to pull at other brands. I will be a repeat customer Covid or not!! I'm so glad my husband introduced me to Bunker Brand's and Off the Ranch. Even if he drove my dog crazy when he would bark at the other animals on your videos. Thank you both for doing with you do!!
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